About us

Lingua Mundi is an innovative language facilitator focused on companies and their human capital. We – the founders: Katharina Schulte and Christine Zwerger – are young pioneers from Germany with many years of experience as language mentors and vision for a new way of learning languages.

We will provide your company with our unique and exclusive method of Mentoring Through Language, which is a combination of language acquisition and personal growth adapted to the needs of the modern-day business world.

So far, we have been offering English,German and Spanish in all levels – from beginners to professionals -but we are happy to keep expanding our services – so don’t hesitate to ask for the language of your interest.

“Without continuous growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.”

Benjamin Franklin

Why work with Lingua Mundi?


By deciding to hire our services, you ensure that your employees and executives will be equipped with tools to improve the communication and cooperation with your customers, suppliers or foreign employees.


Thanks to our support, your employees and executives will improve the areas of customer service, sales opportunities, decision making, critical thinking and competitiveness.


You will have the satisfaction of having made one of the best investments in your company and especially in your human resources.

Our Teaching Method


Actively listen

Understand & Apply




Improve Critical Thinking

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