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Business Classes


Do you want to improve your communication with international clients, suppliers or co-workers? Create new business opportunities or expand your business in a foreign country? Or would you rather like to become more competitive, reach the next step of your career and at the same time boost your personal development? Then you will definitely benefit from our unique solutions!

We offer dynamic and interactive programs which combine language acquisition with personal growth – totally customized to your work field and position. In this unique course you will improve your language skills and simultaneously learn about effective communication, leadership and high-performance goals – just to name a few.

To give you the most profound learning experience we recommend one-on-one mentoring. If you want to take advantage of the dynamics of a group, we also offer innovative group trainings.

Seminars and Workshops

Do you work for a foreign company? Do you travel regularly for business or pleasure purposes? Are you the leader of a multicultural team? Would you like to finally achieve your personal goals?

If you’ve answered one of these questions with “yes”, you will find the following very appealing. At Lingua Mundi we created seminars and work-shops together with experts in psychology, interculturality and corporate coaching to offer smaller packages of our wide range of topics. Here’s a list of our main categories including the most notable topics:

  • leadership
    • efficiency
    • analytical and problem-solving skills
  • culture
    • working in multicultural teams
    • foreign work culture & dealing with culture shock 
  • optimal communication
    • speaking in public
    • assertive and effective communication
  • stress
    • relief techniques and stress management at work
    • preventing burn-outs

We constantly update our seminars and work-shops with current topics. That is why we recommend signing up for our newsletter in order for us to keep you posted.

If you want to practice and apply the input from the seminars, improve your performance and foster the new neuronal connections through your target language, we highly recommend attending our workshops.

Online Courses

As an alternative tool to our on-site services, we offer interactive online courses so you decide when and where to learn German or English.

You will find courses for different professions and motives in order for you to learn only the vocabulary and skills needed for you – optimizing your learn success efficiently and effectively.

Click on the following link to try out our free course sample!
  • German A2.2

    Martes y Jueves 7:30 a 9 PM (CDMX) Este curso es ideal para los que tengan el nivel A2.1 y quieran avanzar al siguiente nivel de manera auténtica y…

    $1,850.00 Add to cart

Total Immersion

Learn or refresh a foreign language in a quick, effective, sustainable and FUN way? Do you think that’s impossible? With Lingua Mundi it is possible! Book a total immersion day or weekend activity for you or your team and completely dive into an enjoyable learning experience outside of a classroom or office. Speaking, listening and thinking for a longer period in the target language will rapidly boost your communication in day-to-day and work-related situations. The immediate sense of achievement of the total immersion concept will motivate you and provide you with more self-confidence in the way you handle the foreign language.

This program is suited for expats, groups of co-workers or anybody who wants to deepen their language skills. We’ve created trainings for small groups in which we combine the total immersion experience with team building and coaching activities as well as personal and professional development so that everybody improves their language skills and fosters personal growth.

Contact us for a special offer customized to your needs!

Cultural Events

We organize regular events in order to share the variety of our German culture and for you to apply the German language outside the office or class room and in an authentic and relaxed environment. This has proved to be a highly effective tool to deepen the language knowledge while bringing people closer to the country and customs.

Check out our calendar to see the upcoming events or get in touch with us directly to program an exclusive event for your company.

“Languages are learned more easily, the more naturally and playfully they are dealt with.” Jürgen Oelkers.


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